Graphene Korea 2020 International Conference

Graphene Korea 2020
25 Mar - 27 Mar 2020 | Incheon/Seoul- Korea
Social Events

Below are the details of the social activities preliminary program of the Graphene Korea 2020 and SurfCoat Korea 2020 joint conferences:


Incheon Night view Tour


Incheon Night view Tour Date: Wed. 25 Mar 2020, 40 Persons, 19:00~21:00
Time Activity
19:00 Departure From Songdo Convensia
  TRIPLE STREET (Shopping Mall)
  Incheon Bridge Ocean Scope
  Paradise City
21:30 Songdo Convensia


Conference reception: Chimaek


Chimaek Date: Thur, 26 Mar 2020, 40 Persons,  19:00~21:00
  Gathering in Songdo Convensia
  Chimaek (치맥; from Korean chikin, meaning 'fried chicken', and maekju, meaning 'beer') is a pairing of fried chicken (either plain huraideu or spicy yangnyeom) and beer, served as anju in the evening in many South Korean restaurants, including a number of specialized chains.


Ganghwa Tour


Ganghwa Tour Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020, 40 Persons, 13:30~18:30
Time Activity
13:30 Going to Ganghwado
14:00 Ganghwa War Museum
15:00 Ganghwa Anglican Church
16:00 Ganghwa Peace Observatory
17:00 Going back to Songdo Convensia
18:30 Tour End


N.B: This is a provisional program and it is subject to change. The confirmation of the final program will be 2 weeks before the event dates.