Graphene Korea 2020 International Conference

Graphene Korea 2020
25 - 27 Mar 2020 | Incheon/Seoul Korea
Speaker's Details
Prof. Inhwa Jung
Kyung Hee University, Korea

Dr. Jung was born in 1974, educated in Seoul Science High School, and graduated from Seoul National University in 1997. In 1999, he received master's degree in research on elastic porous materials at the graduate school. At LG electronics, he has conducted research on developing air conditioning systems and reduced the noise of the product over five years. He led research about characterization and applications graphene and its derivatives under Prof. Rodney S. Ruoff and received Ph.D degree in 2007. After that, he conducted research on flexible devices in Rogers Research Lab until 2011. Since then, he is continuing education and research at Mechanical Engineering Department of Kyung Hee University. In particular, he is concentrating on applying graphene and carbon nanomaterials to real applications such as flexible device, composites, and 3D printers.