Sensors 2020 International Conference

Sensors 2020
28 Oct - 30 Oct 2020 | Milan- Italy
Conference Topics

Workshop programme


1. Introduction to modern academic writing


2. Before you start writing 

  • Choosing the right publication format
  • Choosing the right journal
  • Open access
  • Making and measuring impact


3. Efficient writing process

  • Preparing for your manuscript
  • How best to approach the writing process
  • Paper’s main message and story
  • Deconstructing the paper: section-by-section
  • Thesis statements and the power of the title
  • Effective ways to present data
  • Ethics and plagiarism


4. Paper submission process and peer-review

  • Submission checklist
  • Paper formatting and cover letter
  • Language editing and quality
  • Journal editor perspective
  • Peer-review system and journal reviewer perspective
  • Replying to reviewer comments
  • Copyright rules for authors


5. After submission

  • Supporting your paper after publication
  • Ways to increase citations
  • Managing publications portfolio



  • The workshop has shown me a completely new face of academic publishing. After the workshop, I immediately wanted to sit down and start writing my paper.
  • Workshop made me feel enthusiastic about writing! Would definitely recommend to a friend.
  • Well delivered and crisp. Good balance between theory and practical examples.
  • Enjoyable and extremely useful. Will enable me to be more successful when submitting.