The 5th Edition of the European Graphene Forum 2019

EGF 2019
23 - 25 Oct 2019 | Lisbon Portugal
Speaker's Details
Prof. Antonio Di Bartolomeo
Salerno University, Italy (To be confirmed)

Prof Antonio Di Bartolomeo is now Full Professor in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics since 2017 in Experimental Physics at the Salerno University, Italy. He obtained an M.S. in 1993 and Ph.D in 1997 in Physics at the Salerno University, Italy.He had an career in industry as he worked as Device and Integration Engineer at Intel Corporation, Leixlip-Ireland (3.5 years), STMicroelectronics, Phoenix-AZ (1.5 year) and System Engineer at Creative Electronic Systems, Geneva-CH (1 year).He’s working on: Optical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes, graphene, 2D materials, and composite materials. Semiconductor heterojunctions and their application as photodetectors, solar cells and chemical sensors. Van der Waals heterojunctions of 2D layered materials. Field-effect transistors. Tunneling transistors. Non-volatile memories. CMOS technologies. Solid-state radiation detectors. Field emission.