NanoMedicine International Conference 2018

NanoMed 2018
23 - 25 Oct 2018 | Venice Italy
Speaker's Details
Prof. Giuseppe Battaglia
University College London, UK

Giuseppe Battaglia is Professor of Molecular Bionics. His research is focused on the investigation of the specific design rules behind inter/intramolecular interactions and self-assembly of soft matter systems combining synthetic and supramolecular chemistry. In analogy to medical Bionics, where engineering and physical science converge to the design of replacement and/or enhancement of malfunctioning body parts, Prof Battaglia and his team apply molecular engineering and nanotechnology tools to copy and/or improve biological structures such as viruses for several applications including biotechnology, drug and gene delivery, diagnostic tools and cell engineering scaffolds. He has worked at UCL since 2013 ( ). Before this, he held positions as Lecturer -2006, Senior Lecturer -2009 and Professor -2011 in the Departments of Materials Sci. Eng. (2006-2009) and Biomedical Science (2009-2013) at the University of Sheffield. Prof Battaglia holds a Laurea in Chemical Engineering from University of Palermo (Italy) and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Sheffield