NanoMedicine International Conference 2018

NanoMed 2018
23 - 25 Oct 2018 | Venice Italy
Speaker's Details
Prof. Miriam Colombo
University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Miriam Colombo obtained her PhD in Biology in 2012 at the university of Milano-Bicocca. From September 2013 she is Assistant Professor in Clinical Biochemistry at the Dep. Biotechnology and Bioscience of University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Her current scientific research is aimed to development of nanoparticles for biochemical and biomedical applications. It concerns the conception of new systems for drug delivery and targeting (colloidal and polymeric nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, prodrugs etc.). Her research interests focus on synthesis, characterization of colloidal nanoparticles and bio-functionalization using different approaches and different active bio-ligands for biomedical application mainly in the oncology field.

In order to support her research in new drug delivery nanosystems, in the past few years she has looked into new administration methods of nanoparticles rather than traditional intravenous ones, in particular oral and topic administrations.