Nanotech France 2017 Conference and Exhibition

Conference Topics

The Nanotech France 2017 Conference topics include:


Advanced Nanomaterials

  • Nanoparticles Synthesis and applications
  • Nanocomposites / Bionanocomposites Materials
  • Nanofluids
  • Nanostructured / nanoporous Materials and devices
  • Nanostructured coatings, surfaces and membranes
  • Carbon Nanostructures and devices
  • Graphene
  • Polymer Nanotechnology
  • Soft Nanotechnology and Colloids

Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization and Tools

  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Sustainable Nanomanufacturing
  • Nanoscale Materials Characterization
  • Modeling and Simulation at the Nanoscale

Nanoscale Electronics

  • Nano Electronics and Photonics
  • Memory and  logic devices, circuits and architecture for advanced CMOS technologies
  • Beyond and extended CMOS devices
  • spin electronics
  • Sensors based on emerging devices
  • Quantum electronics
  • Neuromorphic architectures
  • Interconnecting nanoscale objects
  • 3D approaches

Nanotech for Energy and Environment

  • Nanomatrials for Clean and Sustainable Technology
  • Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion
  • Energy Storage and Novel Generation
  • Nanotech for Oil and Gas
  • NanoNuclear Materials
  • Fuels Applications
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Bio Sources for Materials and Fuels
  • Green Chemistry and Materials
  • Water Technologies
  • Smart Grid

Nanotech in Life Sciences and Medicine

  • Bionanomaterials and Tissues Engineering
  • Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging
  • Materials for Drug and Gene Delivery
  • Biomarkers and Nanoparticles
  • Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging and Treatment
  • Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
  • Cancer Nanotechnology
  • Nano Robots
  • DNA nanotechnology
  • Nanotoxicity

Nanotechnology safety

  • NanoToxicology
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Measurement of health risk
  • Exposure scenarios
  • Regulation and ethical impacts

Nano Applications

  • Food Technology
  • Catalysis
  • Military and Defence
  • Aeropspace and Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Textiles


Focused sessions:


In addition to the above sessions, other focused sessions will run in parallel including:


Focused session on NanoModelling

Chair: Prof. James M Hill, School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Adelaide, Australia


Focused session on reliability of nanomaterials' size measurement


Dr. Goerges Favre, National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE- Trappes), France

Dr Nicolas Feltin, National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE- Trappes), France


Focused session on Electron microscopy in nanotechnology

Chair: Prof. Peter van Aken, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Heisenbergstr, Stuttgart-Germany


Focused session on Standards, Metrology and Quality Control of Carbon Materials

Chair: Dr. Pedro M. Da Costa, Physical Science and Engineering Division, KAUST- Saudi Arabia


Focused session on Nanosafety/Nanotoxicity

Chair: Prof Victor Puntes, ICN2 – Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – Spain


Focused Session: Green Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biomaterials (to be confirmed)

Chair: Prof Kattesh V. Katti, University of Missouri- Columbia, Missouri-USA


Focused session on Nanomedicine for cancer diagnosis and therapy


Dr. Holger Stephan, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf- Germany

Dr Kristof Zarschler, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf- Germany


Focused session on NanoBiosensors

Chair: Prof Arben Merkoçi, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)-Spain


Focused session on Nanotechnology for drug and gene delivery

Chair: Dr. Sonia Trigueros, University of Oxford- UK


Focused session on Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics


Prof. Andreas Ruediger, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique- Canada

Dr Alexandre Merlen, Toulon University- France


Focused Session on Nanotechnology for water treatment

Chair: Prof Piet Lens, Department of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology of UNESCO-IHE- The Netherlands


Focused session on Nanomaterials for food packaging

Chair: Dr Clara Silvestre, ICTP/CNR, Naples- Italy