The 5th edition of Nanotech France 2019 International Conference and Exhibition

Nanotech France 2019
26 - 28 Jun 2019 | Paris France
Speaker's Details
Dr. Luca Boarino
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy

Dr Boarino is now Senior Technologist at Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica and Head of Nanofacility Piemonte INRIM.

He achieved the Physics Laurea in 1987 at University of Torino, on the simulation and fabrication of semiconductor power devices, in cooperation with International Rectifier Corporation Italy. He worked as a free-lance in the field of computer graphics and multimedia (IBM Italy, Apple Italy) he joined the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale "Galileo Ferraris", Department of Acoustics, with a grant on the development of modulated phothermal reflectance for the study of transport phenomena in semiconductors at IENGF. In 1994 he obtained a permanent position of researcher in the same Department. From 1995 his research activity has been focused on the study, production and characterisation of porous silicon (PS) layers for sensors and microsystems, in the new technological facility of the Quantum Research Laboratory. From 1997 to 2000 he has been the responsible of industrial projects with Italian firms like Olivetti Balteadisk and ST-Microlectronics on porous silicon micromachining for bubble-jet and Silicon On Insulator technologies. In the basic research activity, from 1999 he started the first studies on interaction between Nitrogen Dioxide and Porous Silicon, contributing to clarify the phenomenon of NO2 chemisorption and boron impurities reactivation in mesoporous silicon and leading to a number of high impact factors papers and citations until today. (P36 P42, P53, P57)

From 2001 he coordinated the European Space Agency project "CHECS" (Closed Habitat Environmental Control Sensor, ( in the framework of the Microgravity Application Promotion program of ESA, for a total of 1.5 M€ in three years. The project goals were the study of stress conditions of plants in closed environments through real time monitoring by solid state sensors. In the same year he achieved the position of Senior Researcher in the Department of Electrical Metrology. In 2007 he submitted a proposal to the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation for the implementation of a nanofabrication laboratory by ionic and electronic beams for a total funding of 1.2 MEuros. In october 2009 the laboratory NanoFacility Piemonte, under his supervision and responsability, started its activity ( ). This laboratory has deeply changed the research topics of the user groups, increasing the publication impact, attracting new national and international collaborations, project fundings, companies and allowing the high level formation of young researchers. Nanofacility INRiM has developed in the last years a number of nanofabrication techniques, ranging from FIB lamella preparation for TEM microscopy to the FIB sculpting for nano devices like nanoSQUIDS and Single Electron Transistors, to the fabrication of conductive channels in diamond.

Since 2012, his activity on nanofabrication has been requested in a number of European Metrology Research Projects, in particular for the realisation of sample models and standards of length at the nanoscale and micro and nanostructures for Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, X-rays and surface analysis techniques. Since the same year, he developed a new approach to nanolithography on large area, using self-assembly of single nano-objects and polymeric mixes like diblock copolymers, in cooperation with University of Piemonte Orientale and CNR IMM, MDM laboratory. Actually the lithographic capabilities of INRiM are ranging from the micron to the nanoscale on large area, with directed self-assembly approach for the minimization of defects. This activity recently lead to the realization of a new standard of lateral  length at the nanoscale with a patented fabrication process.

Since 2012 he’s been coordinator of various workpackages in the framework of EMRP and EMPIR projects (SIB61 Crystal, NEW01 TReND, 14IND01 3DMetChemIT, 14IND04 Innanopart, 15HLT01 MetVBadBugs, 16ENV07 AEROMET) establishing strong collaborations with the Excellence centre NiCE-MS of NPL on the Mass Spectrometry 3D imaging, with the X rays Spectrometry group of PTB at the Sinchrotron Facility of Bessy, with CEA-Leti of Grenoble Minatec and with IMEC Leuven, Among the USA collaborations is possible to cite the one with Prof. Michael J. Sailor, Dept. Of Chemistry and Biochemistry of University od California at San Diego with Prof. Chris K. Ober, Cornell, and with Prof. Bruno Azeredo, from Arizona State University.