Nanotech Middle East 2017 Conference and Exhibition

Nanotech ME 2017
04 - 06 Dec 2017 | Dubai United Arab Emirates
Speaker's Details
Dr. Himanshu Mishra
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - Saudi Arabia

Dr Himanshu Mishra obtained an M.S from Purdue University in 2007 and a Ph.D from California Institute of Technology in 2013. He was then awarded the Elings Prize Postdoctoral Fellow (University of California Santa Barbara, 2013-2014). He’s since an assistant professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - KAUST, Saudi Arabia. With a complementary application of experiment and theory, Prof. Mishra's research group addresses complex challenges in the following areas:

  • Physics and Chemistry at aqueous interfaces: environmental chemistry, specific-ion effects, self-assembly, proton dynamics in cellular metabolism,
  • Exploring intermolecular forces between surfaces submerged in electrolytes. Examples include metals, polymers, minerals, and biomaterials,
  • Materials and devices for energy conversion and sensing: thermoelectrics, nanostructured carbon, artificial olfactors and taste receptors,
  • Smart surfaces/coatings: omniphobicity, biomimicry, wetting, adhesion, and friction.