The International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces

SurfCoat Korea 2018
28 - 30 Mar 2018 | Incheon, Seoul Korea
Speaker's Details
Prof. Toyoko Imae
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Professor Toyoko Imae was born in Japan. She joined the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, as honorary chair professor in April 2009, immediately after retiring from Keio University, Japan. She is also professor emeritus of Nagoya University, Japan, since 2006 and a Specially-Appointed professor of Yamagata University (iFront Doctoral Program), Japan. Her major research areas are the fabrication, functionalization, and physicochemical investigation of nanomaterials, including polymers, nanoparticles, carbon materials, minerals and their composites. Her recent research target is a “Nano-architecture and Nanotechnology” towards energy, environmental and biomedical sciences. Prof. Imae has published about 310 peer-reviewed journal articles, 25 reviews, 20 patents and 27 book chapters. She also edited three books of Advanced Chemistry of Monolayers at Interfaces: Trends in Methodology and Technology (2007), Neutrons in Soft Matter (2011) and Skin Bioscience: A Molecular Approach (2014). She has been conferred several awards as represented by “Promising Scientist Award of The Society of Japanese Women Scientists” (1999). She also contributes to the academic advancement as typified by a president of Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science from 2013. Prof. Imae was an executive member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy in Japan and a member of International Experts Council (IEC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and she is now a member of the Science Council of Japan.