The Int. Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces Conference

SurfCoat Korea 2019
27 - 29 Mar 2019 | Seoul Korea
Speaker's Details
Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee
Ming Chi University of Technology, Taiwan

Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee is currently the Professor of Department of Materials Engineering at Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT), Taiwan and Joint Appointment Professor, College of Engineering at Chang Gung University, Taiwan. He is also the Group Leader of the Center for Thin Film Technologies and Applications, MCUT since 2010. Prof. Lee is the Member of the Editorial Board of Surface & Coatings Technology. He is also the Vice President of Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT) since 2016.

Prof. Lee was the Dean, College of Engineering, Tungnan University (TNU) during 2007~2010, and Director, Research Center for Micro/Nanotechnologies, TNU during 2005~2010. His research focuses on development of plasma based thin film technologies to enhance the property and performance of coatings used for cutting tools, molding dies, surgical instruments, antibacterial and pollution treatments. He also investigates the nanocomposite and nanolaminated nitride/carbide hard coatings for tribological applications, corrosion and oxidation protection in related industries. Recently, he focused on the research and development of thin film metallic glass materials applied in the biomedical fields. He is skilled in the high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS), pulsed dc magnetron sputtering, cathodic arc evaporation deposition and plasma electrolytic oxidation techniques, plasma diagnosis, nanoindentation, AFM and related nanomechanical testing methods. In addition, he has done some research work on chromizing and aluminizing processes for the Fe, Ni and Co based alloys to prolong their surface life at high temperature in the past ten years. Prof. Lee is an author of more than 100 publications and over 40 invited lectures in the field of PVD and related surface engineering technologies.