The 2nd edition of Biotech France 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Vicente Gotor-Fernandez

University of Oviedo, Spain

Prof. Gotor-Fernández studied his Licenciature in Chemistry in the University of Oviedo (1992-1997), specializing in Organic Chemistry. In July 2001, he obtained his Doctorate in Chemistry working in the chemoenzymatic synthesis of vitamin D3 analogues. Then, he moved to the University of Edinburgh in 2002, joining the research group of Prof. Nicholas Turner with a Marie Curie postdoctoral contract focusing in the development of chemoenzymatic deracemization processes of amines. After two years, he returned to the University of Oviedo where he received different competitive postdoctoral contracts (2005-2007 and 2008-2012). In June 2012, he became Assistant Professor of the University of Oviedo inside the Organic Chemistry area. In this time, he performed a short-term placement in the Universidade Federal do Ceará (Fortaleza, Brazil, 2009).


He is co-author of around 130 scientific contributions including research articles, reviews, chapter books and patents, mostly in the field of Biocatalysis and organic synthesis. His main current research interest involves the development of selective chemoenzymatic routes for the asymmetric synthesis of organic compounds using hydrolases, oxidoreductases and transferases, especially focusing in the area of biocatalytic promiscuity and the design of chemo- and multienzymatic concurrent processes in different media (aqueous, organic, ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents).