The 2nd edition of Biotech France 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Jean-Marie Francois

INSA de Toulouse, France

Jean Marie FRANCOIS got his PhD from University of Louvain in 1988 (Belgium). He was appointed full professor of Industrial Microbiology and BioNanotechnology at the National Institute of Applied Sciences, University federal of Toulouse, in 1993 and reached the Exceptional class in 2009. He is member of the Microbial physiology and Biotechnology & Bioengineering, section of the European Federation of Biotechnology. He is editor in Chief in BMC Biotechnology for Biofuels since 2017, editor associated of Frontiers in Synthetic Biology, member of the editorial board of FEMS Yeast Research and of Microbial Cell. He has been appointed as expert member of European Science Foundation in 2016. He holds more than 180 publications in international refereed journals and 17 patents. In 2010, he co-founded Dendris SA ( ) a startup that exploits recent development in BioNanotechnology for molecular in vitro diagnostic