The 3rd edition of Biotech France 2019 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Bruno Daridon

Olmix Group - France

Bruno, 57 years old is in charge of biofertilizers, plant biostimulant, Biocontrole actives and products development. That includes selection of bioactives, their mode of action, product formulation, production scale-up, agronomic testing for efficacy trials.  Within OLMIX Group since 2 years and formely at PRP technologies, NOVASEP, PRABIL in products and process development also. OLMIX is developing highly bioactive products from seaweed extracts with a full range of applications depending on their functionalities or activities. Olmix Plant-Care products are integrating some special seaweed extracts together with raw materials coming more and more rom the circular economy. Bruno has a PhD in process engineering and is Engineer in Agronomy.