Composites International Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. De-Yi Wang

IMDEA Materials Institute, Spain

(ORCID: 0000-0002-0499-6138) is Senior Researcher and Program Leader of Novel Materials at IMDEA Materials Institute in Madrid, and is leading the Group of High-Performance Polymer Nanocomposites. He is an expert on high-performance fire-retardant polymeric materials and holds the guest Professorship in four Universities. He has published more than 280 academic papers in international academic journals and edited 1 book as Editor in the field of flame-retardant material. In recent years, he has participated in over 30 projects (28 as Principal Investigator or Coordinator) from the European Commission, international public entities, national and industrial sectors. In 2012, he was appointed as Academic Consultant on environmentally friendly fire-retardant materials by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO. In 2016, he elected the Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), UK. In 2023, he has been admitted as the Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials (FIAAM) in Sweden. Currently, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Polymer and Associated Editor of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, on the Editorial Boards of other 6 international academic journals.

His main research interests include:

  •  Eco-benign and sustainable fire-retardant polymers
  •  Multifunctional nanomaterials and smart sensors
  •  High performance polymer-based composites and/or nanocomposites
  •  Fire behaviours and fire retarding mechanisms
  •  Fire-safe energy storage materials
  •  Bio-based polymers and phase change materials