The 4th Edition of the European Graphene Forum 2018

Speaker's Details

Prof. Sang Ouk Kim

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Rep. of Korea

Prof. Sang Ouk Kim is the KAIST Chair Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST, South Korea and the director of National Creative Research Initiative Center for Multi-Dimensional Directed Nanoscale Assembly and Graphene Liquid Crystalline Fiber Center. Prof. Kim‘s research interest has focued on directed molecular assembly of nanoscale materials as a novel synthetic platform for material discovery. Prof. Kim has published more than 240 SCI journal papers and delivered more than 400 invited presentations over worldwide. Prof. Kim is also serving as an associate editor of Energy Storage Materials (elsevier) and editorial board members for prestigeous scientific journals publisehd by RSC, ACS, Wiley, Elevier, Springer Nature, etc. His research group is actively researching on the nanoscale assembly & chemical modification of various nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes and graphene as well as block polymer self-assembly for advanced nanoscale surface patterning. His discovery of graphene oxide liquid crystal is considered as a sinificant milestone for the real-world application of graphene based materials.