The 5th Edition of the European Graphene Forum 2019

Speaker's Details

Dr. Siva Böhm

University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Sivasambu Böhm received his first degree in Berlin in Chemical Engineering and an M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry at Hahn Meitner Institute (MPI) in Berlin. After gaining his PhD at the University of Bath in the field of Chemistry/Electrochemistry, Dr. Böhm worked as scientific officer and research fellow at different academic institutions; University of Wales Swansea, TU Delft and the University of Birmingham. During 2014 – early 2016, he was an honorary visiting Professor at India Institute of Technology Bombay working in the field of synthesis of Graphene and its applications in protective coatings, corrosion protection, energy harvesting and storage, construction materials, light weight composite as well as sensors. Dr. Böhm has 16 years of industrial research experience (Tata Steel & Tata Group) in various research fields; metallurgy, corrosion inhibition, protective coatings in construction, electrical steel and automotive industry, functional and smart coatings and various aspects of nanotechnology, including synthesis and applications of Graphene. He is responsible for developing and implementing several new products at commercial scale, holds 29 patents and has written over 88 scientific publications. Since 2016, Dr. Böhm was working as Chief Technology Officer till July 2019 at Talga Technologies Ltd, Cambridge UK & Talga Advanced Materials GmbH, Germany, where he was focusing Swedish Ore to very Few layer Graphene and developing value-added products using industrial high volume Graphene, Graphite and Graphite Ore. Dr. Siva Böhm is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry with a charted chemist status and Fellow of Technical of Surface Coatings & Oil and Colour Chemist Association. In addition, he is reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals (Nanoscale, Journal environment energy, Corrosion…) and a member of the editorial board at Flatchem. Siva has been awarded part time the Royal Society Industrial Fellowship at University of Cambridge and from August 2019 CTO of CAMI consultancy Ltd.