The 7th Ed. of the European Graphene Forum - EGF 2022

Speaker's Details

Prof. Michele Merano

University of Padova, Italy

Michele Merano received the Ph.D degree in Physics at EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland) where he worked in the group of Prof. Benoît Deveaud. Then he did two post docs one at the Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (Palaiseau, France) with Prof. Gérard Mourou and one at the Quantum Optics and Quantum Information group (Leiden, The Netherlands) with Prof. Han Woerdman. From 2011 he is professor of optics and condensed matter physics at University of Padua (Italy). His major research interests include light matter interaction, beam optics and optical manipulation. He has made important contributions to optics and materials science including the observation of the Goos-Hänchen effect in metallic reflection, the observation of angular deviations in specular reflection of a light beam, the discovery of the role of the radiation-reaction force in the optical response of 2D materials, the first observation of the out-of-plane optical susceptibility in monolayer crystals.