Graphene Korea 2019 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Mar Garcia Hernandez

CSIC Spanish National Research Council, Spain

Prof Hernandez is  Research  Professor  at  CSIC  Instituto  de  CiencIa  de  Materiales  de Madrid where she leads the Magnetism and Magnetotransport Laboratory. She graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and worked for her PhD in Molecular Physics at CSIC  Instituto  de  Estructura  de la  Materia  while collaborationg with  the  Cavendish Laboratory, The J Heyrovskiy Institute in Prague and EPFL.  As a postdoc, she started her work  in  experimental  condensed  matter  physics,  exploring  excitations  in  disordered materials at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Back to Spain, she started working in highly

correlated materials and heterostructures. Recently, she started work on 2D materials and coordinates the work on graphene by several groups in the Graphene Flagship where she leads the Enabling Materials Work Package. She is the Scientific Director of the Nationwide Contest Arquimedes to encourage students to do research at the very early state of their careers. She has published near 250 publications in international journals.