Graphene Korea 2019 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Vitor M. Pereira

Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and Graphene Research Centre National University of Singapore, Singapore

Vitor M. Pereira is a physicist working in the area of quantum condensed matter theory at the National University of Singapore, where he is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics and a member of the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials. Comfortable with both analytical and numerical techniques, he contributed to – and is interested in – understanding the fundamental electronic properties of novel solid state materials as well as the potential of new phenomena for applications. His work covers different aspects of electronic disorder, interactions, magnetism, strongly correlated phases, linear and nonlinear optical properties, spin and charge transport, across a range of distinct physical systems. He has, in particular, made recognized seminal contributions to the theory of graphene physics related to disorder, strain-engineered electronic properties, and the new physics afforded by supercritical charged impurities. His recent attention has been toward exploring effects of electronic correlation, nonlinear optics, and new phenomena derived from nontrivial electronic topology in other two-dimensional crystals and topological materials.