Graphene Korea 2019 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Dr. Henrik Sandberg

VTT Technical research centre of Finland Ltd., Finland

Henrik Sandberg is a principal scientist at VTT’s centre for Printable and Hybrid Functionalities with a PhD in physics from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. His work is currently focussed on printed electronic devices and circuits, polymer device physics, printing technology and printing ink formulation as well as heterogeneous and monolithic integration for flexible electronics. He coordinates work on printed graphene based materials and hybrid integration, specifically targeting flexible applications such as wearable devices. He specializes in device and circuit development as well as the development of analog printing compatible processing techniques from the lab to the R2R pilot scale and on related ink development, in particular on the topics of thin film polymer transistors and circuits, organic photovoltaics and graphene and other 2D material applications. He is the coordinator of the Flexible Electronics work package in the Graphene Flagship project