Graphene Korea 2021 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Grégory F. Schneider

Leiden University, The Netherlands

Prof. Grégory F. Schneider holds a tenured associate professor position at the Institute of Chemistry of Leiden University in the Netherlands. Prior starting his group as a principal investigator, Dr. Schneider was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University with Professor George Whitesides (2006-2009) where he carried research in bioanalytical chemistry, microfluidics and self-assembly. Next, he joined the group of Professor Cees Dekker (2009-2013) at the Delft University of Technology where he discovered in 2010 that nanopores in graphene can be used for single molecule DNA detection and screening. Dr. Schneider received his PhD in chemistry in 2005 in the group of Professor Gero Decher at the University of Strasbourg where he developed a versatile platform for the design of functional nanoparticles. His current research interests focus on harvesting the chemical properties of graphene and other two dimensional materials to design (bio)sensors with ultimate detection resolution. In 2013 he was awarded an ERC starting grant (BIOGRAPHENE) from the European Research Council to explore new bio sensing routes by exploiting the unique surface and edge chemistry of graphene. In 2014 he was a VIDI grantee of NWO-CW to perform research on protein detection with graphene. From 2019 he coordinates an Open Technology Program from NWO-TTW on single molecule detection with graphene.