Graphene Korea 2021 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Dr. Jun Jiao

Portland State University, USA

Dr. Jun Jiao is a Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University. Dr. Jiao's principal research interests are focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale materials and devices toward their technological applications. Current research in the Jiao lab is concentrated on the development of nanofabrication techniques for various applications. These include the property-controlled growth of graphene and its metal and metal oxide hybrids for use in nanoelectronics and spintronic devices; the development of fabrication techniques to hybridize metal nanoparticle and nanocrystals with industrial catalysts for groundwater treatments; as well as the application of nanoscale materials and devices for cancer therapy and cancer vaccine. The results of her research are documented in more than 250 publications and five issued patents.

Through her research, Dr. Jiao has collaborated with many local high-tech companies such as Intel, Thermo Fisher Scientific (former FEI Company), On Semiconductor (former LSI Logic in Gresham), and local research institutions including Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Oregon Health and Sciences University, and Washington State University. Since she joined PSU in 1999, Dr. Jiao has allocated more than $15 million in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Murdock Foundation, the Keck Foundation, Intel Corporation, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies (ONAMI), Oregon Metal Initiative (OMI) and PSU for the establishment of an integrated research, education, and outreach program in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Dr. Jiao has been invited to national and international conferences and various workshops to give keynote speeches. She frequently serves as a panelist for the NSF. In May 2003, she was invited by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation to testify in front of the full Committee in Washington, D.C., on “The 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act.”.

On June 13, 2005, Dr. Jiao was honored by United States President George W. Bush in the White House with the 2004 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers the nation’s highest honor for professionals at the outset of their research careers whose work shows exceptional promise for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Dr. Jiao is also the key founder of the Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (CEMN), who served as Director for 17 years.