NanoMedicine International Conference - NanoMed 2022

Speaker's Details

Dr. Edit Csapo

University of Szeged, Hungary

Edit Csapó obtained her Master degree in 2006 in Chemistry at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. She received her PhD in Chemistry in 2010; now she is assistant professor at the University of Szeged, Hungary. She is the head of the MTE-SZTE Lendület “Momentum” Noble Metal Nanostructures Research Group supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She has been working on the development of novel biofunctionalized noble metal (mainly gold and silver) nanostructures for nearly 12 years, with a particular focus on the potential use of these new nanostructured materials synthesized by cost-effective, green chemical approaches  in catalysis, sensing, and biomedical applications. In the last 5 years a new research topic is also started where the design of  serum protein-  and polymer-based colloidal carriers for targeted drug delivery is in focus of interest. She published more than 70 research papers (impact factor > 320) in international journals, which received nearly 800 independent citations to date.