Nanotech France 2016 Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Fran├žois Berger

Clinatec Lab director, Clinatec Lab, Grenoble, France

François Berger, MD,PhD had a dual scientific and clinical education in the field of neurology, oncology and molecular and cell biology. He continues to have a dual clinical and research activity has professor of cell biology and neuro-oncology. He develops a translational research activity, trying to validate innovative technologies at the preclinical/clinical level in close collaboration with CEA-LETI micro-nanotechnology center. He coordinated the Brain Nanomedicine Goup in INSERM U 836.


At the interface between technology and medicine, he is now the director of Clinatec Translational Technology Lab U 1205 research unit associating INSERM-Grenoble University and Grenoble university hospital. The objectives of this group are to develop innovative technologies for a better understanding and therapy of Brain diseases and cancer. It is also to accelerate the transfer of technology innovation at the bedside implementing innovating translational methodologies from cellular, preclinical to human proof of concept trials.