The 4th edition of Nanotech France 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Georges Favre

Directeur de l’Institut LNE Nanotech, France

Georges Favre, obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Evry Val d’Essonne in 2008 after graduating as a chemical engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2005. During his PhD, he worked at CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, a French government-funded technological research organisation) on the isotopic characterizaton of nuclear fuel. He had intervened for three years with French SMEs as a consultant to develop advanced materials (fire or corrosion-resistant materials, …) based in particular on nanomaterial additives. He joined LNE in 2011 to coordinate the laboratory’s R&D in the fields of metrology in chemistry and nanosciences (2011-2014). In addition to its commercial activities regarding testing and calibration services, LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais – is also the French National Metrology Institute. LNE has on this basis the responsibility to develop the French references (methods, standards, …) for all kinds of measurements in order to improve the reliability of data and therefore help public authorities and French industry in the decision-making process. Georges Favre is responsible since 2015 of the development of LNE’s services offer in the field of nanomaterials (calibration, standards, characterization, …). He is in particular involved in the identification of the needs and the dissemination of the scientific outputs on the topic of nanomaterials characterisation. Since 2012 he is involved in the Board of the nanoMetrology Club, a French network created in 2011 and coordinated by LNE, the aim of which is to gather people from public authorities, academia and industry in order to find solutions to nanometrology issues, in particular through R&D projects or the organization of workshops. He became its President in 2015 and is also the contact of industrial partners in the frame of the NANOMET project ( funded by the French Ministry of Industry.