The 4th edition of Nanotech France 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Peter Bøggild

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Peter Bøggild is professor and group leader at DTU Nanotech- Department of Micro and Nanotechnology, at the Technical University of Denmark. He obtained his PhD in low temperature solid state physics at the Copenhagen University in 1998, and became a full professor in 2013 at DTU. He has worked across numerous areas, including nanomechatronics/robotics, topology optimization, nanometrology, nanotubes/nanowires, surface science, material synthesis and microfabrication, mesoscopic physics and simulations, but is today is leading a group entirely focusing on graphene and other 2D materials. Topics include ballistic transport in nanopatterned graphene, molecular switches and sensors, bandgap engineering, large scale synthesis and transfer, synthesis of transition metal dichalcogenides, small- and large scale metrology of 2D materials, as well as encapsulation and protective barriers. He is involved in the electronics and sensor workpackages of the EU Flagship project on Graphene research, in the DNRF centre of excellence, Center for Nanostructured Graphene, as well as coordinator of a Danish research alliance on graphene technology, DAGATE. He has published more than 110 papers on carbon nanomaterials as well as 10 graphene related patent applications, and is committed to push fundamental research in two-dimensional materials towards real and viable technologies and applications. He is main organizer of the international conference Carbonhagen, which has run annually since 2010.