The 6th ed. of Nanotech France 2021 Int. Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Gerardo F. Goya

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Dr. Gerardo F. Goya currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. He earned his PhD degree from the University of La Plata, Argentina. From 2001 to 2007, he served as an Associate Professor at the Institute of Physics, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), where he established and managed the mechanochemistry laboratory within the Materials Physics Department (DFMT). Upon joining the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragón (INA) at the University of Zaragoza in 2005, he initiated and consolidated a new research direction focusing on nanomagnetism and the biomedical applications of nanoparticles (NPs), particularly magnetic hyperthermia. Notable achievements during this period include the development of novel synthesis methods for magnetic NPs with enhanced control over size and magnetic properties. Additionally, he successfully demonstrated the 'Trojan Horse strategy' for oncologic therapy by inducing cell death with magnetic hyperthermia in dendritic-cell primary cultures. He conducted several studies investigating the interaction between magnetic NPs and various biological agents. In terms of technological advancements, Professor Goya led the design, development, and construction of unique equipment for measuring power absorption in magnetic hyperthermia. This pioneering system, incorporating numerous technological enhancements, was designed to function as a fully automatic measuring platform. The innovative developments of this period served as the foundation for the establishment of a spin-off company from the University of Zaragoza, where he serves as a co-founder and scientific advisor.  Through collaborations with prominent parasitologists, immunologists, and medical professionals, the group has successfully established a shared platform in biomedicine, facilitating the coordination of highly innovative multinational projects.