The 6th ed. of Nanotech France 2021 Int. Conference and Exhibition

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Dr. Claire Wilhelm

Paris Diderot University, France

Claire Wilhelm is a biophysicist. She was recruited as staff CNRS scientist (Condensed Matter section) in 2003, after obtaining her PhD in 2002 in soft matter physics. Since then, she has oriented the research to the biomedical field. Her works during this last decade lied at the crossroads of magnetism, biophysics and nanomedicine and were resolutely multidisciplinary, taking advantage of the physical properties of magnetic nanoparticles to develop more effective treatments and new methods of medical investigation. She was appointed CNRS research director in 2013 and senior research director in 2018. She received the CNRS bronze medal in 2011, the Louis Ancel prize in 2014, and a ERC consolidator grant in 2014 devoted to magnetic tissue engineering and biotransformation of nanoparticles in living tissues. She has co-authored 140+ publications (10 000+ citations, h-index 51) and she delivered 60+ invited lectures.


Talk Title: Nanoparticles-mediated approaches to cancer therapy and tissue engineering