The 6th ed. of Nanotech France 2021 Int. Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Gianmario Martra

University of Turin, Italy

Scientific education

1990-1993: PhD in Chemical Science, at the Interuniversity Consortium Genova-Pavia-Torino. Title of dissertation: “Electronic surface states of materials with high specific surface area”.

Academic career (at the University of Torino; discipline: Physical Chemistry)

2016 (December)-present: Full Professor

2001-2016 (November): Associate Professor

1998-2001: Senior Researcher

The scientific activity of Prof. Gianmario Martra is focused on the investigation of the physic-chemical and chemical events resulting from the adsorption of molecules on surfaces of nanomaterials. Molecules range from probes for the detailed elucidation of nature and structure of surface sites, to reactants relevant for chemical processes, to biomolecules involved in natural phenomena and/or biomedical and biotechnological issues.The research work resulted in ca. 200 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and 5 book chapters, for a total number of ca. 6700 citations (h-index: 43, as from WoS).