The 8th ed. of Nanotech France 2023 Int. Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Marco Filice

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

After earning his Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Italy, in 2007, Dr Filice spent 14 years as postdoc Researcher in prestigious Public, Academic and Private Research Centers within Italy (University of Pavia-UNIPV), France (French National Centre for Scientific Research-CNRS), Brazil (São Paulo State University-UNESP) and Spain (Spanish National Research Council-CSIC and Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research-CNIC). Awarded with the highly competitive 'Research Talent Attraction' excellence program (Spain), in 2018, he joined the Dept. of Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (UCM) where he founded and is actually codirecting the 'Nanobiotechnology for Life Sciences' official group. In 2021, he was appointed permanent Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy (UCM) and he was awarded the prestigious 'Certificate of Excellence in Investigation I3' issued by the Spanish Ministry of University. He also belongs to the ‘Spanish Biomedical Research Networking Center for Respiratory Diseases’ (CIBERES) and he is visiting scientist at the Unit of Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging of ‘Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research’ (CNIC).

The research activity of Dr. Filice is characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach that ranges within Physical and Bioorganic Chemistry, Enzymology, Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Biosensing, Protein Chemistry or Biomedical Molecular Imaging. He is mainly focused on the fine design and controlled synthesis of novel multifunctional hybrid nanochimers as result of the combination of site-selective engineered biomolecules (e.g. peptides, proteins, antibodies or oligonucleotides) together with a wide set of customized functional nanomaterials. These nanobiohybrids showed high usefulness as next-generation platforms in advanced biosensing and nanocatalysis as well as in nanomedicine as advanced theranostic (therapeutic+diagnostic) tools for biomedical applications in cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory and immune-based diseases.