Nanotech Middle East 2017 Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Nader Shehata

Department of Engineering Mathematics, Alexandria University, Egypt

Nader Shehata is currently an assistant professor in the department of Engineering Mathematics and Physics in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt. In addition, he is the associate director and co-founder of Center of Smart Nanotechnology & Photonics (CSNP) inside SmartCI research center, Alexandria University. Also, he is currently an adjunct assistant professor in Faculty of Science at Utah State University. He was awarded his PhD degree in the Bradley Department of electrical and computer Engineering at Virginia Tech in 2012. Then, he continued as a post-doc researcher and adjunct instructor in the same department till 2013. In 2005, he received his BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Engineering Physics in 2010 both from Alexandria University in Egypt. Currently, his research is mainly in nanotechnology field related to the development of different nanostructures applied in optical processes, solar cells, biomedical engineering and gas sensing. Dr. Shehata has a strict background in semiconductors, modern physics, solid state physics, and nanomaterials. He has more than 25 accepted peer-reviewed publications including journal and conference papers, one book and four book chapters. Also, he has four awarded research grants from local and international funding agencies. In addition, Dr. Shehata has been selected as a reviewer in different peer-review journals and funding agents.