Plasma Processing and Technology International Conference 2024

Speaker's Details

Prof. Catherine Batiot-Dupeyrat

University of Poitiers, France

Catherine Batiot-Dupeyrat is professor in Chemistry at the University of Poitiers. She carries out her research works at the “Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP)”. She obtained her PhD degree in the field of heterogeneous catalysis at the University of Poitiers in 1994. She is leader of several national and international programs in field of catalysis assisted by non-thermal plasma. She participates in academic research projects as programs with companies. She has published 90 publications, chapters in 3 books, and holds several patents. Her main research area is activation of small molecules (CO2, CH4, NH3, O2) under non-thermal plasma for applications in the synthesis of high added value products and regeneration of coked catalysts.