Polymers 2024 International Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Wenxin Wang

University College Dublin, Ireland

 Wenxin Wang is Professor in Skin Research and Wound Healing and a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Principle Investigator at the Charles Institute of Dermatology, School of Medicine, University College Dublin (UCD) (Website: He won the highly prestigious “SFI Young Scientist Prize in Regenerative Medicine” in 2010 at TERMIS-EU conference, the “SFI Principle Investigator award” in 2011 and the DEBRA Award for Excellent EB Patient Service in 2014, which highlight his work ethic and achievements.

Prof. Wang’s scientific interests are in the areas of biomaterials, stem cell and gene therapy for the treatments of skin wounds, cardiovascular and neural degenerative diseases. His scientific contribution and achievements have been recognized both nationally and internationally including 185 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers (Nat. Commun., Sci. Adv., Angew. Chem., JACS, Chem. Sci. and Nano Letters etc.), 4 book chapters, 11 patents granted, 8 patent applications, 134 conference abstracts and presentations, and 96 invited lectures and keynote presentations. His achievements have met the increased interest in the wider public community with publicity media activities (engaging 49 times in TV Documentary, Videos and Newspapers), for example in ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘The Irish Times’, ‘Science Daily’ and ‘Chemistry World’. He has been awarded significant funding (ca. 10 million Euros) from different sources, e.g. SFI, Health Research Board (HRB), Irish Research Council (IRC), Enterprise Ireland (EI) and European Union (EU-FP7 & EU Horizon 2020) to support his research activities.

Prof. Wang acted as the symposium convener and chair, the member of organizing committees and the member of the conference advisory board for 26 international conferences and has been selected as an expert reviewer and panel member by 22 international research councils and funding bodies. As the founder, Prof Wang has launched 3 companies - Vornia Ltd (, sold to Ashland - a Fortune500 US company in Jan. 2018, renamed as Ashland Specialties Ireland), Blafar Ltd (, and Branca Bunus Ltd. Three companies employ 20 people in Dublin, Ireland. Furthermore, He has licensed 5 new technologies to 3 companies: Ashland, Amryt Biopharm and Blafar, and successfully launched and commercialized 5 newly developed technologies onto the market.