Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies International conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Herman Terryn

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Herman Terryn is full professor at the Faculty of Engineering of VUB with a chair in Surface Science and Engineering in research group Electrochemical and Surface Engineering of the department MACH ‘Materials and Chemistry’. He is teaching several courses on Material Science for the bachelor students within the Faculty of Applied Engineering at VUB. He is also teaching within the Brussels Faculty of Engineering, at Université Libre de Bruxelles and University of Ghent. Herman is part time professor in the group Corrosion and Electrochemical of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tu Delft. Currently he is cluster leader of Durability of Materials within the Dutch top research center M2i-Materials Innovations Institute.

His research focuses on surface treatments, coatings and surface analysis of different materials. In 2012, he was granted with a Methusalem project, which provides long term and structural funding for excellent Flemish researchers. Since 2007, he is the responsible chairman for research of the Faculty of Applied Engineering within the VUB research council (474 web of science papers,h-factor 47). He supervised 54  defended Ph.D’s and currently working with 19 on going Phd’s.

He is also Founder and Editor Proceedings of the  Symposium on Aluminium Surface Science and Technogies and representative for Belgium for the International Corrosion Council (ICC). He was a Plenary & keynote lectures at important conferences: Gordon Conference, ECASIA, EUROCORR, ISE, Electrochemical Society Meetings, Passivity Meeting, Corrosion NACE, EMCR,ASST, Metallurgy, Alusil, etc.

He’s also:

  • responsible for modules on Surface Treatments and Corrosion of aluminium wich received Leonardo Da Vinci Helsinki Award 2006 and Bronze LifeLong Learning EU policy Award Berlin 2007 (Alumatter Leonardo Da Vinci Program). 
  • Methusalem Grant holder 7 year (2011-2023) personal research grant Flemish Gouvernment  'Design and Prediction of Nanostructured Metal Surfaces' (NANOMET) 7 M Euro.
  • Winner of the Eu-Award European Federation of Corrosion   2014, Pisa Italy
  • Honored with the Franqcui Chair “Durability of materials” 2016 at University of Antwerp
  • Corrosion H.H Uhlig Award Electrochemical Society  2017, Washinghton, USA
  • Honorary Professor China USTB, Beijing
  • Fellow Chinese Corrosion Society