Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies International conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. James G Broughton

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Prof JG Broughton role within the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics includes both teaching and research. Within his teaching role, he cover the fundamentals of engineering, stress analysis and design. His research role includes managing projects and leading the Joining Technlogy Research Centre.

Since completing his PhD on the 'Enhancement of structures using bonded composite materials'  he participated in numerous and quite diverse industrial and international research projects. These include repair and rehabilitation of historic timber structures, qualification and classification guidelines and test procedures for strengthening systems bonded to civil structures, the development of next generation aerospace composite wing ribs and, more recently, bonded lightweight electric motors.

The Joining Technology Research Centre has been leading research and knowledge-transfer activities in the field of joining since 1968. The Centre provides access to a unique combination of interdisciplinary engineering and scientific skills, covering the use of adhesives and sealants for the aerospace, automotive and civil sectors. Prof James main interests are centred around:

  • Disbondable structural adhesive joints for metallics and polymer composites
  • Analysis of bonded and sealed joints in the Automotive and Aerospace industries
  • Design and analysis of future generation bonded aircraft structures
  • Analysis of bonded automotive aluminium joints subject to impact loading
  • Structural bonded repair techniques for the Civil Industry
  • Development of QC procedures for on-site bonded composite strengthening
  • Evaluation and development of design calculations for bonded timber connections and composite strengthened metallic structures
  • Durability of bonded timber connections
  • Surface pre-treatments of timber, natural fibres and bamboo (corona, flame, silanes)
  • Life-time prediction of bonded timber-timber or timber-FRP joints