4th Ed. Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Silvia Marchesan

University of Trieste, Italy

Silvia Marchesan had her PhD in Chemistry at The University of Edinburgh (UK), Pharmaceutical Chemist (UK) and Pharmacist (Italy) qualification, honorary researcher at UCL (London) and postdoc researcher at University of Helsinki (Finland), joint fellow at Monash University and Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization, CSIRO (Melbourne, Australia).

In 2013 she returned to the University of Trieste where her scientific adventure had started with the M.Sci. degree, (honours). In 2017, she joined the Dept. Head's Office as Research  Delegate. In 2018, she became Associate Professor. She received a JSP Fellowship at Buergenstock Stereochemistry Conference and the Vittorio Erspamer Medal (2017 Award) by the Italian Peptide Society.