3rd Edition Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Ling Chao

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Prof Ling Chao had her PhD in 2009 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology- USA. Then spent three year as Post doc researcher in Cornell University, USA. She’s now an assistant professor and head of the Biomimetic Membrane Interfacial Phenomena and Engineering – Chemical engineering, National Taiwan University-Taiwan. The group research themes include:

Cell Membrane Mimic Bio-chips

Phase Transformation and Transport Phenomena in Lipid Membranes

Studying phase transformation phenomena in bio-membranes

Exploring physical pathway for potential therapeutic applications of phospholipase related disease.

Liposome based drug delivery application

Bio-interface engineering for studying peripheral protein-lipid membrane interactions

Use microfluidic and microfabrication techniques to develop composite membranes to study how the membrane catalyzes membrane protein structure changes

High throughput screening of environmental conditions in microfluidic devices