3rd Edition Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. C├ędric Boissiere

University Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS, France

Dr C. Boissiere was born in France 1974. He was appointed as Fellow Researcher CNRS in 2002 and is now Research Director, head of the processing and hybrid materials group. He works on the synthesis of functional hierarchical nano-materials by coupling of evaporation processing and bottom-up soft-chemistry. Most of his achievements concern nanostructured thin films, nanoparticles and aerosol materials for optics, heterogeneous catalysis and nano-medicine. He is co-authors of around 160 articles and 28 patents. His work was awarded by the European Membrane Society (EMS) in 2006, the Jean RIST medal of the French Society of Materials and Metallurgy (SF2M)) in 2007, and French Chemical Society in Solid Chemistry (2014).