The International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces

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Prof. Daniele Dini

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Professor Dini's research interests are in the field of tribology for the study of friction, wear, coated systems, fretting fatigue and crack initiation and propagation under contact fatigue. He has pioneered a number of modelling techniques to study tribological problems at various length- and time-scales as well as multi-scale coupling methodologies.  Particular focus is placed on the mechanisms governing the behaviour of interfaces and fluid/solid interactions.

Numerical methods such as Finite Elements, Boundary Elements and Finite Volumes are routinely implemneted and used in in-house codes and routines developed by Professor Dini's research group. Distributed dislocations techniques and asymptotic methods are also part of his research activities.  Applications of his expertise to lubricated and nano-tribological systems have also been developed.

Material constitutive modelling at low and high temperatures also constitutes an area of great interest to him with particular application to micro and meso-scale Finite Element elasto-plastic modelling.  X-ray and neutron diffraction strain measurements are part of his experimental expertise.