The Int. Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces Conference

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Prof. Tiberiu Minea

Paris-Sud University, France

Tiberiu MINEA is the Director since 2015 of the first plasma physics laboratory in France - Laboratory of Physics of Gases and Plasma (LPGP) - founded in 1965 at University Paris-Sud. He got full Professor position since 2008 in the same University, the Docent degree in 2006 and the Ph.D. in 1998. He is the head of the group Theory and Modeling of Plasmas-Discharge and Surfaces at LPGP since 2006. Prior, he was full time CNRS senior scientist with the Jean Rouxel Material Institute in Nantes, France. He coordinated over thirty research projects and has been involved in many others. His research is deeply related to plasma physics and plasma processing, particularly coating and novel plasma devices for technological applications. In 2016 he was awarded by the Romanian Academy of Science. He was the president of the Plasma division of the French Physical Society (2010-2013), the President of the French Federation of the Scientific Societies (F2S) formed by the Physical, Optical, Electrical and Vacuum Societies (2014-2017). At present, he is the Vice-President of the F2S and the President of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the French Vacuum Society (FVS) since 2013 where he acts as member of the board since 2008.