Tribology International Conference 2022

Speaker's Details

Prof. Jason Stokes

The University of Queensland, Australia

Jason Stokes is Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering and the Deputy Associate Dean of Research (Research Training) for the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. His formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering (Chem) and PhD from The University of Melbourne, Australia. He spent 10 years (1999 – 2008) as a research scientist and manager at Unilever's Discovery laboratory in the United Kingdom and joined The University of Queensland in 2008. 

Jason has substantial track record concerning the rheology and tribology of a broad range of complex fluids, multiphase fluids, and soft matter systems. His research includes pioneering new measurement techniques in viscoelastic lubrication and soft-contact tribology for use in food-oral processing and bio-tribology research. The impact of his research is demonstrated by his substantial partnerships with industry, where instrumental (incl. tribology), structural and sensory techniques are uniquely utilised to enable rational design dairy and plant-based foods and beverages.  He awarded a Special Commendation for Industry Engagement in Graduate Research from 2020 Australian Council of Graduate Research Excellence.