European Graphene Forum 2016 Conference and Exhibition

EGF 2016
01 - 03 Jun 2016 | Paris France
Speaker's Details
Prof. Vladimir Falko
Manchester University - United Kingdom

Prof. Vladimir Falko is a condensed-matter theorists, who was responsible for advances in the theory of electronic and optical properties of graphene (including discovery of bilayer graphene, in 2006) and theory of localisation and quantum transport in mesoscopic systems. Educated at Moscow Physical Engineering Institute and the Institute for Solid State Physics RAS, he worked as a research fellow at Max-Planck-Institut in Stuttgart and Oxford University and, now, he holds the post of Distinguished Professor of Condensed Matter Theory at Lancaster University (UK). His current interest includes modelling heterostructures of graphene and other atomically thin two-dimensional crystals, as part of the Horizon2020 European Graphene Flagship Project.