European Graphene Forum 2016 Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Paolo Bondavalli

Head of Nanomaterial topic team, Thales Research and Technology, France

Dr. Paolo Bondavalli is the Head of Nanomaterial team at Thales Research and Technology (CNRS/Thales, UMR137) and he is a member of the Nanocarb Lab. (joint team Ecole Polytechnique/Thales). Presently his work is focused on the development of new materials (e.g. graphene, cnts, nanowires) for the new generation of electronics devices and for energy storage applications and memristor. Dr Bondavalli has received his Hdr in 2011, at Paris-Sud on a work on “devices based on random network of carbon nanotubes”. During the last five years, he has participated, also as coordinator, in several EU projects (concerning MEMS, MOEMS, CNTs, graphene, spintronics) and ANR projects. He is involved in the Graphene Flagship initiative where he is in charge in the energy work package of the supercapacitor part.