The 3rd Edition of the European Graphene Forum 2017

Speaker's Details

Prof. Monica Craciun

Centre for Graphene Science, University of Exeter, UK

Monica Craciun is currently an Associate Professor in Nanoscience within the Centre for Graphene Science at the University of Exeter in the UK. Her expertise lies in the studies of 2D materials such as graphene and various organic materials. The work of Prof Craciun spans from fundamental research in organic electronics and quantum electronics to applied research in electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices. She completed her PhD in Physics at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands in 2006. She was subsequently post doctoral researcher at The University of Twente, The Netherlands (2006/07) and at The University of Tokyo, Japan (2007/09) where she held a Fellowship of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science. She joined the University of Exeter in January 2010 as research fellow and took up the position of Associate Professor in Nanoscience in December 2014. Her current research focusses on engineering the electro-optical properties of 2D materials through chemical functionalization and their use in electronic and optoelectronic devices.