World Sustainable Energy Forum - EnerSol WSEF Tunisia 2014

Conference Topics

The Topics of the Science & Technology forum - EnerSol-WSEF 2014 are :


  • Photovoltaic technology, Silicon production, Photovoltaic systems and Large scale photovoltaic plants.
  • Hydrogen and Full Cells.
  • Material for energy production,
  • Energy transmission systems, distribution and storage.
  • Powers systems, Micro-grids, Smart grids, Energy storage et Energy management.
  • Cogeneration and energy efficiency.
  • Thermal solar energy, CSP and Geothermal.
  • Wind energy, Wind systems, Wind Parks integration and hydropower
  • Biomass, Waste – to-energy and bio-energy.
  • Smart and efficient energy use.
  • Emerging Trends in Renewable Energy (thermoacoustics, etc)