Nano MatEn 2015 International Conference & Exhibition

Conference Topics

The SETCOR Nano Materials for the Energy and the Environment, Nano MatEn 2015, conference topics include :

  • Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion
  • Energy Storage, Batteries, Capacitors and Novel Generation
  • Nanotechnology for Fossil Fuels and CO2
  • NanoNuclear Materials
  • Alloys, design and processing in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Bio Sources for Materials and Fuels
  • Green Chemistry and Materials
  • Water Technologies
  • Smart Grid
  • Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Thermal Energy
  • Device Engineering, Physics and Chemistry
  • Thin Films, Coatings and Surfaces
  • Thermoelectrics, Piezoelectrics and photovoltaics
  • Policy and Prospectives in Energy
  • Mobile services and cloud applications to facilitate energy consumptions
  • Automation and control technologies to support energy providers
  • Software and hardware design for PV panels
  • Mobile robotic systems based on renewable energy technologies