Nano MatEn 2015 International Conference & Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Daniel Fruchart

Research Director Neel Institute CNRS Grenoble France

Dr Daniel Fruchart is a research director at the Neel Institute CNRS Grenoble and a Co-Founder and Technical & Scientific Advisor at McPhy Energy S.A. Dr. Fruchart served as the Chief Technology Officer at McPhy Energy S.A. Mr. Fruchart is an accomplished scientist on the subjects of hydrogen and metallic hydrides. From 1995 to 2008 he was a first class Director of Research for the IICE (Intermetallics and Interstitials - Energy Conversion) research group at the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) in Grenoble. He has additionally assumed many other responsibilities as professor, organizer of conferences and as board member on several expert committees (among which the International Energy Agency's Task 22 Committee on hydrogen storage). He is also the author of about a dozen patents, 5 of which are linked to the use of magnesium hydrides for hydrogen storage. He holds 2 Masters, a PhD and a Doctoral degree.