Nanotech France 2015 Conference & Exhibition

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Nanotechnology Industries Association
The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) is the sector-independent, responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supply chains. NIA supports the ongoing innovation and commercialisation of the next generation of technologies and promotes their safe and reliable advancement.
OCTIMA is dedicated to the different fields of use of composite advanced materials: Transports, Automotive, Aeronautics, Marine, Military, Building/Construction, Industry, Energy, Design, Sport and Leisure, Medical, Ecology/Environment. Coatings and finishing. This association is at the service of a sector continuously expanding on the world wide markets. We wish to underline that firstly it is engaged in the environment protection. In a field that, often rightly, is accused to be indifferent to the environment, more than that, to be polluting, it is a duty and a specific interest to be engaged in order that the production and handling of chemicals are monitored and the waste controlled. OCTIMA is in touch with the Manufacturers Associations of the world in order to keep its members always updated.

BREC Solutions ltd
BREC Solutions limited was formed in 2007 with the aim to provide high quality scientific and technological assistance to private and public sector organisations. Our clients vary from one person startups to multinational companies. No business could ever survive in isolation especially in the innovation sector. We act as a hub of knowledge for our clients. We collaborate with a number of experts to deliver a high quality cost-effective service. Our aim is to provide our clients with solutions to their problems. If we cannot find a solution then we will definitely find someone who will. Our philosophy is depicted in the abbreviation \"BREC\" (Bureau for Research, Engineering and Communications). This follows three steps: developing technology, applying technology and communicating our findings about the technology to a wide range of customers. We are approachable and would treat your enquiry (however small it was) very seriously. We would go a long way to come and see you in person to discuss your requirements. is aimed at linking the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering community worldwide. This site provides updated news in the field, delivered through a monthly newsletter, and also a collection of selected internet links related to Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering, as well as relevant links to biomedical engineering, biology, medicine and health sciences in general.

The Foundation of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support NANONET has been discovering before the Polish society the world in the nano-scale. Our main task is the promotion of modern entrepreneurship based on nanotechnological solutions and popularizing the results of scientific researches in this dynamically developing discipline.
The \" INNOVATION \"was created by a group of people (engineers and economists) who after years of dealing with business (as business consultants, production engineers, researchers, etc.), they found a lack technologikoy portal which could refer business executives (managers, engineers, researchers, etc.) with the aim of finding insights on innovation and technology transfer.

Nafigate - Nanofibers Gateway
NAFIGATE Corporation connects experts from the world of science and builds a global center of excellence which aims to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects focused on the development of a new energy saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air cleaning technologies, textile industry, or batteries to the global market.
Number Country material assists developers in finding applications for new materials, parts, material processing and material analytics. On the other hand we assist companies in finding developers to angepasst Their needs. Whether you are offering project participation, knowledge, equipment usage, or IP results - or you are looking for any of synthesis - Number Country june help you.

The International NanoScience Community: The \"Spicy world of NanoScience\" since 2007.

Nanoscale Journal
A high impact peer reviewed journal publishing experimental and theoretical work across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology.