NANOTECH MEET Tunisia 2014 joint international conferences

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Nanotechnology Industries Association
The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) is the sector-independent, responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supply chains. NIA supports the ongoing innovation and commercialisation of the next generation of technologies and promotes their safe and reliable advancement.

The International NanoScience Community: The \"Spicy world of NanoScience\" since 2007
Number Country material assists developers in finding applications for new materials, parts, material processing and material analytics. On the other hand we assist companies in finding developers to angepasst Their needs. Whether you are offering project participation, knowledge, equipment usage, or IP results - or you are looking for any of synthesis - Number Country june help you.

Nafigate - Nanofibers Gateway
NAFIGATE Corporation connects experts from the world of science and builds a global center of excellence which aims to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects focused on the development of a new energy saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air cleaning technologies, textile industry, or batteries to the global market.

Association ABG
ABG-Intelli\'agence works to encourage and support the development and expansion of scientific culture by facilitating the training, professionalization and employment of young scientists in laboratories, public institutions and companies both in France and abroad.
The \" INNOVATION \"was created by a group of people (engineers and economists) who after years of dealing with business (as business consultants, production engineers, researchers, etc.), they found a lack technologikoy portal which could refer business executives (managers, engineers, researchers, etc.) with the aim of finding insights on innovation and technology transfer.

The Foundation of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support NANONET has been discovering before the Polish society the world in the nano-scale. Our main task is the promotion of modern entrepreneurship based on nanotechnological solutions and popularizing the results of scientific researches in this dynamically developing discipline.